Photo by Peter Simon, Martha's Vineyard
Everything you need to know about Samara cannot be easily summed into a tidy equation. Although Samara has a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Arts, and is a Certified Medium accredited through the University of Arizona, that doesn’t begin to tell the story of Samara Anjelae. Words that define her: enigmatic, unique, creative, exceptional, but mostly, inimitable are the adjectives that describe four decades of her work as a psychic medium, healer, artist, author, teacher, and television personality. When NBC produced a special about angels, Beyond the Light, they chose Samara, as an angel expert to share the stage with Beatle, Sir George Harrison. While Harrison was the most notable name, several other celebrities also appeared with Samara. But her story begins way before. As a little girl, she used to teach classes in her playhouse. Of course, all her students were invisible to others. For most of her life, Samara talked to the “seemingly” dead–a psychic medium born in the sign of Scorpio and a shy extrovert, or more appropriately a social introvert. She spent plentiful time in nature with Spirit cultivating her communication skills with the Divine to become a healing vessel. At eleven years old Samara created and published an elementary school newspaper. That was the beginning of her writing career that spawned nine books, mostly on angels: two award-winning. Samara has also won an Artist Enrichment Grant from the Kentucky Foundation of Women to complete her life story. It’s a work in progress. Later in life, she wrote her first novel, Angel Girl and The Hawk.

However, it was those early inspirational books about angels that established Samara as an angel communicator that led her in the company of George Harrison and others who had also experienced the healing power of angels. And it was later in life that established Samara as an exceptional abstract painter. Her artistic journey was escalated after returning from a trip to Egypt where she connected with the ancient temples, the sacred pyramids and experience a spiritual rebirth at the Temple of Hathor, in Dendera.

Samara’s most notable attribute may be her healing hands. For decades, scientists, doctors, educators, musicians, and people from all walks of life sought her out for her healing gifts. Her signature work is an ultra-high vibrational healing system that combines ancient energies, reiki, angelic healing rays, thought healing, sound vibration, and sacred breathing. Samara has taken a sabbatical from one-on-one healing, but still practices individual long distant healing. Her power as a God Vessel” as Samara calls it, inspired her latest series of paintings, “Healing Hands.” Using only her hands and no brushes, accompanied with divine vibrations and prayerful thoughts she produces magical, mystical, and moving works of art. These paintings transcend technique but impart light, beauty, mystery, and healing. Samara’s paintings are on exhibit: The Gallery at Long Island Studio and many hang in homes and offices throughout America and Europe.

Healing Hands Series: Azure Blue


Samara has lived throughout the country including Dallas, Minneapolis, and Martha’s Vineyard. She now resides in the rolling hills of her home state of Kentucky.

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