Samara creates abstract paintings for private collectors, interior designers, art consultants, and commercial clients around the world. Original abstract paintings are available for purchase, and private commissions are also available. Keep in mind when commissioning a painting, the Healing Hands Series and Angel Prayers Series lends themselves best for commissioned projects.

Healing Hands Series

Abstract Series

Angel Prayer Series

How does commissioned paintings work?

  1. Send a front facing photo of the space where the painting might reside. If unknown, then send a message with your idea of its future home. Give insight on the size of the space, or furniture in the room/building. Let Samara know which paintings inspire you that can be tailored to your space and color palate.   Contact here to start the process.
  2. Further discussions are on size, color scheme, timeline, price, shipping.Samara handles all discussion regarding the creative side of the painting, and Samara’s business manager handles all discussions regarding pricing, framing (options), delivery/shipping options, timeline etc. Everything is kept private and confidential.
  3. This is non-comital process, unless it is a very unusual request in size or style, and if so that will be addressed upfront, either way, hopefully it will be a joyful and pleasing experience for both parties.

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