Samara Anjelae

 As you browse through the site, you will see much about Samara’s latest project, her first novel, Angel Girl and the Hawk. Hear an overview of the story from the author.

Visit the Studio Samara Gallery and watch a brief video about her life-changing journey to Egypt, then view her works of art.

About Samara reveals more about her past including the award-winning titles she has penned. 

Visit Contact page for inquires of more information.

Samara's previously named rescue dogs, Thelma and Louise!

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Thanks for visiting and becoming part of Samara’s intriguing and colorful world.

Watch for the release in 2021 for  Angels Before You.

Angels Before You: A Tale of a Great Flame following a Little Light is a beautifully illustrated, four-color, gift book.  It is a spiritual tale and guidebook that explores the pilgrimage of the soul on an inward journey to the heart.  

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