Samara Anjelae

healer, medium...artist, author, pilgrim.


About Samara Anjelae

Mystic, Spiritual Strategist, Healer, Psychic, Mentor, Animal Friend, Teacher, Student and always a Spiritual Seeker for Love, Light and Joy….God Memories.



Samara’s Services

Samara is a vessel and a clairvoyant eye for divine healing, to heal and to help others heal themselves. Her sessions are meant to facilitate, awaken and honor your own spiritual gifts; heal and resolve grief and challenging issues; bring guidance to your purpose and direction. Samara is on sabbatical and is focusing all of her energies on a project she feels compelled to complete for the greater good. Please check back for updates.




Samara’s Art

Samara’s paintings are a synthesis of art and the metaphysical– an expression of mystery and wonder. They evoke a sensual and energetic vibration of psychic light and movement.


Samara’s Workshops

Want to attend a Spiritual Retreat or class in the rolling hills of Kentucky and in the artist community of Berea? Check out Samara’s upcoming workshops and classes.

Join Samara for her  Healing Hands Intensive Workshop: Reiki I, II, III/Master Certification,