The National Security Agency had a secret within a secret, that only six presidents and a handful of generals knew about. Until now.

The NSA, dubbed as the “No Such Agency” was on the leading edge of integrating paranormal resources with top-secret assignments.  They created a division called Covert Operations, an elite group of undercover operatives: super-warriors and psychics.

Angel Girl and the Hawk follows the lives of two young recruits at the height of the Cold War. Sally Stone, a young psychic-medium who speaks with angels and has Hollywood aspirations, and Winston Forester, a field agent with a genius IQ, and physical skills of a professional athlete. The two begin a romance despite the no-dating-within-the-ranks policy. During their perilous and sanctioned missions, Winston attracted a KGB nemesis, Vladimir Putin, who harbored a life-threatening vendetta against him.  Winston and Sally must invent, change, and assimilate their ideas on good and evil, light and dark, war and peace. To survive they have to master the physical and unseen world.

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