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Samara Anjelae

Samara Anjelae is a renowned Healer and Medium. Beyond these natural abilities, Samara is also an accomplished self-taught painter whose artwork is in many private collections.

Samara is a Reiki Master with over 30 years of experience in the  Healing, Metaphysical and Paranormal Fields. Her signature abilities to heal and communicate with Spirit are rare and sacred gifts. She has earned the respect from converted skeptics and endorsements from clients around the world.

Samara’s psychic ability has been validated and verified scientifically. She is an Integrative Research Medium with The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential. Windbridge is an independent research organization consisting of a community of scientists of varied backgrounds investigating what our bodies, minds, and spirits are capable of and how that information can best serve all living things.

To become a Certified Research Medium, Samara successfully completed the entire laboratory screening steps at the University of Arizona Veritas Program, which included personality/psychological tests, blinded readings including a series of telephone readings, mediumship research training, human research training, and grief training.

Samara has authored a number of books including: Angel Prayers and 100 Ways to Attract Angels. The latter received the COVR Visionary Award for Best 2003 General Interest Book. Her children’s books are: My Guardian Angel, My Fairy Godmother and My Magical Mermaid.  Wonder Windows a gift box set of all three children’s book received the Visionary Award for Best Children’s Book for 2002. Samara has appeared on numerous television shows including the NBC Angel Special: Beyond the Light (1994). She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Arts Degree in English Literature. Samara received an Artist Enrichment Grant from the  Kentucky Foundation of Women to complete her autobiography. It is a work in progress.













Samara  channels her creative and healing energy into her artwork. She delivers a myriad of expressions through her acute sensitivity and her coalescent sense of harmony, balance, and depth. Samara’s paintings reveal an emotional connection to another world that has a profound impact on viewers. Her paintings vary in size, cost and theme.

Samara Anjelae painting







Samara has lived throughout the country but now resides in the rolling hills of her home state and in the artist town of Berea, Kentucky. When Samara is not working with clients or in her art studio, you will find her surrounded with animals, in nature, yoga class, or traveling to distant sacred lands. Samara is on sabbatical as of May 2018 and is focusing all of her energies on a project she feels compel to complete for the greater good.


Honoring the Sun of God, Martha's Vineyard, MA

Honoring the Sun of God, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Favorite Equine Client,  Flat Out,  2013

Favorite Equine Client,
Flat Out, 2013

On the Nile, Egypt 2014

On the Nile, Egypt 2014

Paradise Island, Greece  2015

Paradise Island, Greece 2015

Samara and her fur kids.  Kentucky, 2015

Samara and her fur kids.
Kentucky, 2015

Painting in the fields of Normandy, France 2016

Painting in the fields of Normandy, France 2016

My staff as they look into the future.

Samara’s staff as they look into the future. Kentucky





Home. Berea,Kentucky 2017

Home. Berea, Kentucky 2017




For more information on Samara you can reach her at samara@samaraanjelae.com