Samara is on sabbatical and is focusing all of her energies on a project she feels compelled to complete for the greater good. (May 2018) Please check back for updates on her services.

Reading & Healing Combination

Samara combines both a Reading and a Healing in a 75 to 90-minute  session. Samara delivers a psychic reading and then applies a high vibrational energy session while you lie fully clothed on a massage table.  Samara personalizes each session, which may include chakra balancing, clearings and may involve the use of chimes, crystals and Tibetan singing bowls. Samara often works with the spirit of your soul and she shifts her own state of awareness in order to retrieve information for your healing and growth. Many clients who work with Samara start initially with this specially priced combo, and experience both a Reading and a Healing. Highly recommended for those who are seeking guidance and clarity and who are in need for restoring balance, energy, vitality, and optimum health. In addition to your Reading, it is a great opportunity to experience Samara’s energy work if you have never had it before. (Read Testimonials)

Most requested, Best Value,  Life Changing


Samara is an extraordinary vessel to help heal others and teach others to heal themselves. Samara has the ability to connect, hold and lift the vibration of an individual, or a group, and facilitate: transformation, enlightenment and healing. Samara is a Reiki Master with over 25 years of experience in the Healing field. Samara’s work keeps evolving and transcending technique, so she simply calls her sacred work with angels, power animals, ascended masters, a “Healing,” Samara acknowledges that there is not really a word or style of teaching to adequately reflect light, beauty, mystery, bliss and often miraculous spontaneous healing for emotional and physical issues. Samara has the ability to awaken your light within. She imparts light, vibration, healing and enlightened information where you connect to the universal source of oneness and love.



Healing Session:

Samara’s signature session is an ultra high vibrational healing system that combines ancient Egyptians energies, Reiki, angelic healing rays, quantum touch, pranic healing, sound vibration, and sacred breathing. Samara personalizes each session, which may include aura and chakra balancing, soul retrieval, clearings, angelic communication, and involve the use of chimes, prayer, and Tibetan singing bowls. During a session the client may feel the energy as heat, as waves, pulses, tingling and vibration coming from Samara’s palms. Many go into a deeply relaxed state, report a feeling like they are flowing outside their body, have mystical visions, and/or experience a euphoric spiritual state. Samara offers specially priced packages to clients where more time is needed to achieve healing and long lasting results. Packages can be shared among family members and loved ones, and can be purchased the day of the first visit to receive discount if desired.


Samara offers Medium Readings, Psychic Readings, and a Combination of a Psychic Reading & Healing. Many clients find great peace and comfort in communicating with their departed loved ones- Medium Reading. Many clients have an awakening and shift in consciousness during their sessions with Samara over life issues-Psychic Reading. And the most requested is the Combination of a Psychic Reading & Healing which is the best value, most healing, and can be life changing.

Psychic Reading:

A clairvoyant, clairaudient, & clairsentience reading designed to give you greater insight into a situation, help you make stronger life choices, see beyond illusions, and remove blocks that prevent you from remembering who you are and why you are here. Healing and truth resides within each of us, and yet at times it is appropriate to seek assistance to validate, activate and illuminate our deepest knowing. Samara is a guide to help you reach a higher consciousness and live in alignment with your soul.People usually seek this type of reading with general life concerns such as romance, relationships, career, and soul direction.

Many clients have an awakening and shift in consciousness during their sessions with Samara. Most Popular.

Medium Reading

Samara’s purpose and goal of mediumship readings is to help facilitate a reunion between someone on Earth and with their loved ones who have crossed over. Grief may be lessened once you reconnect with your deceased loved ones and receive messages personalized only to you and hear that they are safe and at peace. Because of the nature of such readings, Samara prepares differently for this type of reading and allows time for a pre-meditation reading and time at the end of the reading to discuss or answer any questions regarding the mediumship process.

Samara on Martha's Vineyard 2014

Samara with Spirit. Full Moon.







Many clients find great peace and comfort in communicating with their departed loved ones. Sacred and Healing.