A Message from Samara –   

Thank you for your visit. For three decades you have primarily known me as a Psychic Medium and a Master Healer. In addition to giving thousands of readings and healings, I have attuned numerous Reiki Masters. I have also authored six inspirational gift books, two with literary awards, and received a Master of Arts in English Literature.


During this period, I’ve been recognized as a leading research medium: screened and vetted medium using peer-reviewed scientific methods by the University of Arizona (Veritas program), and the Windbridge Institute.


I thank my many clients who have trusted me with their spiritual path and growth.The time has come to end my one-to-one sessions and focus on my writing and painting. My debut novel, Angel Girl and the Hawk, will be released in April 2020.


This is not a goodbye, rather an extension of my creative endeavors. Hopefully, my work will continue to inspire and heal–written words and artwork all infused with angelic vibrations.


Wings of Love and Light,



Coming in Spring 2020!
The National Security Agency had a secret within a secret, that only six presidents and a handful of generals knew about. Until now. See more about Angel Girl and the Hawk.

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