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I just wanted to take a moment to write you and thank you for the incredible experience today.  Looking back over my notes it is amazing how many things came through.  I am so relieved to be able to put the burden down about feeling responsible for his death because of my dream.  Thank you for bringing that through.  Thank you also for bringing through the feisty comment.  We always went back and forth with each other and I was feeling guilty about that as well.  But him telling me to get back to my old self is comforting in the fact that he did like that about our relationship and me.  I love that you picked up on his overcoat. And that he told you that he just wanted to pick me up and hold me.  That is all that I want for him to do is to hold me and make me feel safe like he used to do. Thank you once again. Many Blessings,


Hello Samara, I am just writing to thank you for our appointment yesterday.  On your website the reading and healing appointment is described as “life-changing” .. and while I went in as a total skeptic I should say that at this moment I could really not agree more.  I feel already that everything in my body is running more fluidly.  I also already managed to remember a dream and wrote a rather lengthy entry in the dream journal you gave me.


Samara, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for our session this week. You have been such a powerful, beautiful blessing to me. I know I was sent to you for a reason –to help me. I am more at peace and hope to continue growing each and every day. I took Spirit’s advice about speaking the truth. I started that evening with my ex-husband and it resulted in a really sweet conversation. I wish you well always and I know I will see you again. Basically Samara, thank you for doing what you do.

- Julie

“In 1998 I lost my son and his wife and her sister in a car wreck. The grief and pain were at times unbearable. I had mentioned to my cousin who is in law enforcement that I would like to have a reading. He said they would just take my money and take advantage of my grief. But our local library offered a lecture by a local medium named Samara. I invited a dear friend to go with me and we enjoyed her talk. When I went for the reading I was determined not to give away any secrets. As soon as Samara knew she was connected we started a wonderful reunion with my son. There were many tears, laughter, but most of all a peace that I had not felt since losing my son. Not only did she know many things about my son but things about my Grandma and my dear dog. I had told my dog the day she died to go find my son and he would take care of her. Samara knew the name of my dog.I was emotionally drained after the reading I went home and shared the experience with my husband. I then traveled to see my parents to share this news and peace with them. Last year when my dad lay dying we both spoke of the other side and him being with my son again. Two weeks after his passing I went to see Samara to see if he was ok. She not only told me that my Dad was gone and ok but the baby that was miscarried by my daughter in law the day he died was also with him. It is a wonderful experience and has brought me so much happiness and calm. I only wish I would have found this feeling the first year after my loss it would have saved me lost time in tears and such an empty feeling. Having this connection with the other side has helped me understand more of life’s lessons that we have to go through.”


“December 2nd, 2006 my Granny passed, which has been the most difficult experience I have ever known. My Granny felt like “home” to me all my life.  She unconditionally and enthusiastically supported my life and childhood dream of becoming a singer-songwriter.  She would proudly yell “heeere’s Beth Ann!” as I popped out from behind her chair to sing. A year after her passing and still distraught with grief, I contacted local medium, Samara  Anjelae.  I wasn’t a strong skeptic but I admit there was a certain level of reservation because my lack of experience with mediums.  Within minutes of our phone conversation  Samara made a connection with my beloved Granny. Samara described that I was at her bedside when she died, how her lips were dry (from the oxygen mask) and even how I had sung  Amazing Grace at her funeral.  Samara repeated uncommon words that Granny spoke regularly. Some visions she received, at the time seemed off the mark, but as family members listened to a recording of the conversation they validated information unaware to me.
The success of this experience wasn’t graded merely by the number of things that she “got right”.  Samara surely had the right credentials….a Research Medium with Windbridge Institute and prior at the Univ. of Arizona. What was on paper truly didn’t matter, for she had clearly tapped into a source that the average person can’t typically access.  There were silent pauses as more came to Samara and she would even chuckle as Granny’s funny remarks came through.  She felt Granny’s spirit and her sense of humor. I have returned to Samara for an in-person reading and healing where she said Granny still helps me write songs.  This was true, for I have written several songs about her after her passing including my favorite called Sweet Wildwood.  My experience with Samara validated what I already believed.  After we die, it’s not “lights out”.  Our essence lives on and continues to support loved ones still on earth.”

Beth, www.motherjane.com

“Dear Samara, I need to share how you have helped and changed my life. For many years I have been barely existing due to the lost of our only daughter. When I came to you for a reading I really did not know what to expect. When she came through without me ever having to say a word or about her passing, within a few moments I felt my heart open up and peace fill my soul. It was a defining moment in my life. Her love, sense of humor, all came through and has given me a new perspective on life and death. Because of her words, and our reading, I was able to move out of my grief. Your ability and compassion of the situation will stay with me forever. I hope you know how truly appreciated you are.”


Samara I was so lost after the suicide of my husband Donnie. Since my first mediumship reading a few weeks after his death it changed me forever. I was brought up in a Baptist home where I was taught that if someone died of a suicide their soul would burn in hell forever. I was so depressed to think that the man I loved and missed would suffer for all eternity, but through you I have felt so much relief and peace to hear from him and know in my heart he is okay on the other side. The first day I met you and Donnie came through and all of the electricity went out and the things you knew and  had no way of knowing them. The fact that he had died and how he had ended his life and where he had took his life was just amazing to me!  It gave me great comfort to know that he was there, and to know that he was not suffering. The three or four mediumship readings I have had over the last three years have helped me heal and to come closer to God. I believe God led me to you to receive the help I needed. Thank you so much for helping me and always being there for me when I call.


The  medium reading was exceptional. The information you shared from my mother and all my loved ones on the other side is a gift I will cherish for the rest of my life. I was skeptical at first. I wanted to believe that life goes on and has no end but I had never consulted a medium before but after my mother passed, I knew I had  too. I just wasn’t prepared for the many souls that came through. You are God’s instrument. Blessings to you Samara.


“I want to thank you for the medium reading you did for me last week.  I have to admit that I was skeptical initially, but I now have no doubt that my father was communicating with me through you. There were so many things you said that were right on target and that you couldn’t have possible known if you had not been communicating with him. While I know I’m going to miss him everyday, I’m not so overwhelmed with the deep sadness any longer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still grieving but I just don’t feel  overcome by it now. Without my prompting, you were able to touch on those issues I had with his sudden passing. I’ve always felt he was okay but I’m just glad to know that he doesn’t want me to be sad or dwell on my regrets. I’m also glad to know that he knows I’ve always loved him so much and how he loved me as well. I really  appreciate the comfort you were ble to bring me.


It’s been over a month since I saw you and I have been meaning to send you a note thanking you again for the psychic reading and healing work. You were so very kind to work me in on short notice, and the energy work you did was a true blessing. You completely relieved the terrible heart chakra pain I had been experiencing. I really don’t know what I would have done without your help.  I have recommended you to several friends. Although I have had reiki and other types of energy work from other practitioners, yours was the most profound I’ve experienced. Thank you again, be well, and Blessings.


“Samara, I talked to you last month for a psychic reading. I have to let you know that you were “right on” even though at the time I had no idea. My beautiful daughter of 20 years is pregrant, and is moving away just like you predicted. And my husband recieved the music contract! Thank you for presenting the reading in such a way that helped me see things with a new perspective.”


Wanted to thank you again for sharing your GIFT with me! My last session with you was transformative—as it changed me on a deep level. More than anything, I left you feeling everything was all right—always was and always would be. Isn’t that the message we are all waiting to hear? I feel more at peace…and I think being at peace is about the best thing I can aspire to in life! Much love,


Healing Testimonials

Samara's healing hands





Just wanted to tell you how much your healing session helped me.I was in such a bad place when I came for that single healing session, and when I left, I felt all that negativity lifted away and hope return again. Several days have passed and I am still in the peace that you gave back to me after our healing session.  No words can express nor no value can be given on how great a gift it is to be able to give another human being peace.

-Ara B.

I had such a wonderful experience last week and I wanted to properly thank you. I tried to come in as blank slate, without any questions, to see what would arise. Exactly what needed to come up and out did. There had to healing, as a physical side effect was the fluid and rolling feeling of my head and neck. My neck still feels like it has an axis on a bed of marbles so light and fluid. I must be wearing a grin ear to ear! I even had sinus clearing and I had no idea they were blocked. I pray for peace everyday and have found myself a Hindu temple sitting in front of Ganesh all winter praying for a return to my heart. What a lovely part you are playing on this path, and for this I am grateful. Peace to you and please acdept my tiny token of appreciation. May Mary continue to guide your heart to God.


Samara when I first came to you it was for gallstone problems. I am convinced that your sessions totally eliminated my gallstone symptoms for those 3 months that I was seeing you regularly. I did have several pre-existing conditions that have since disappeared! I am confident your healings are responsible! In 2004, I had a ultrasound done of my thyroid gland. A very small nodule was detected. The physician said it was something to pay attention to because it could grow and cause problems or develop into Cancer. In May of 2008, the technician announced during another ultrasound that she couldn’t find a nodule of any size anywhere on my thyroid gland! Another condition I had was with my ophthalmologist. He noticed in 2006 irregularities on my optic nerve in my right eye. He insisted on having pictures taken of the optic nerve at least once a year to ensure that corrective measures to prevent, delay, or control the onset of Glaucoma. Today I saw my ophthalmologist and the doc was pleased to announce that today’s tests showed no abnormalities on my optic nerve in comparison with the 2005 and 2006 results. I told the doc that I must be having a very good year because I had a nodule on my thyroid in 2004 that disappeared in the 2008 thyroid ultrasound, and now I have a normally shaped optic nerve that 2005 and 2006 optic nerve pictures showed had irregularities. He said I must be doing something right and jokingly asked me what I’d been doing. I told him about my sessions with you, and after he had me spell “Reiki” and pronounce it for him again, he smiled and told his nurse he needed some of that Reiki and to make him an appointment. There’s no way to tell how many people come to you for one thing and wind up having a multitude of other things taken care of that they may or may not ever know about.


Jane told me that she was going to be okay with whatever happened. She thanked me many times for sending her to speak with you. She was very apprehensive about coming but afterward she was glad she did. She was so excited after the session.  We went to lunch and she talked about dogs, her dad, and lots of stuff. She said you made her feel very comfortable and she wasn’t scared of dying now. She said whatever plan God had in store for was ready.

-S.B. (Jane made transition a month after our session, had stage IV lung cancer)

Samara:  Thank you for yesterdays reading and healing.  I wanted to tell you that I figured out the word I was looking for regarding your hands on my head.  Whereas there was heat in many parts of my body, when you had your hands on my head, it felt as though your hands had merged with me.  I couldn’t feel your hands.  I didn’t know where your hands left off and my head began. I feel pretty well today.  For the first time in a long time, I have a feeling of hope, a feeling that everything is going to be all right.  I suspect that I will see you again, but either way, I really appreciate yesterdays encounter.



Thank you.Thank you for being the channel/vessel for my Divine healing and blessing. I don’t know where all this is going but somewhere deep inside I know that it’s a privilege to find myself on this path and I intend to try and honor it. I said a quick prayer of thanks in your office before I got off the table but I sat down and gave proper thanks when I got home. Although I can’t define it, I know this afternoon was a gift and although I hope to gain a better understanding of what transpired, knowing does not have to precede gratitude.”


“I felt directed to you, Samara, from the very beginning, and continue to feel that way, as my spirit/soul/angels and God guide me. While I began reiki sessions for certain health concerns it has also led to awakening of my being. After just a few sessions I was able to face some issues with an odd, strange calmness. You have been a vessel led to help guide me to and through some of the awakening, while other parts of the awakening have taken place on their own. I feel relaxed, at ease, and in a wonderful state of being during my sessions and in preparation for my sessions. I feel God can use many forms to touch/speak/transform/enhance people lives, and from a Christian perspective, I thank you for being a spiritual vessel and guide.”


“Samara I have received a series of treatments from you specifically to treat my breast cancer and liver disease. And I have opted to treat both diseases with natural treatments -Japanese mushrooms and your style of healing, which is, encompasses more than just Reiki. My last blood test came back with amazing results with a 2.9 cancer count, which initially was at a 98.6 cancer count. I am doing well enough that I consider myself to be in a preventive mode. I hope others who are fighting cancer discover you. I plan to continue to see you on a monthly basis to maintain and reach optimal health.


“My treatments with you have brought me beneficial and surprising results. Although I had not turned to you for a physical healing, I had hoped for some emotional healing. I was unaware that my energy had been blocked for so long. The first treatment was totally relaxing and peaceful yet energizing at the same time. At the conclusion of the first treatment, you shared with me what impressions you had received. You described in vivid detail a recurring and troubling dream I’d had as a child…. you described this dream very clearly–as if you had been in my brain years before when I was actually experiencing the dream. To further astonish me; upon awakening the next morning after the treatment I had clear recall of my dreams from the night before. Being able to have recall of my dreams still remains with me today long after my three treatments. Again, thank you and what a welcoming surprise.”

-S. Rogers

“Samara, your healing sessions have saved me many months and hundreds of dollars in medical and psychotherapy costs. You are a gifted healer but what makes you unique is your ability to receive psychic impressions as you channel this healing energy. Before my session I was unaware how my heart palpations were also connected to my stomach problems, and how by making some changes in my diet and receiving healing treatments I was able to reduce my heart episodes and establish more balance and harmony in my life. Thanks for being part of my healing journey.”

-Patsy, Minnesota

“Samara I  felt pretty grounded leaving your office and generally at ease and happy. While I felt fairly normal, I was still seeing unusual colors. As I passed people in parking lots and stores, I felt as though their character and emotions were completely visible on their faces. It’s like I was seeing into their true nature. It wasn’t like I was reading their minds. It was more like I could instantly see if they were generally happy, troubled, confused, sick, etc. I also wanted to ask you about babies. Do you think they’re naturally psychic? Babies usually like me but I passed one baby boy about nine months or so old in a stroller being pushed through a department store that acted odder than I’ve been acting lately. He literally did a double take and then broke into a huge smile showing all six teeth and held his arms out to me, and continued to babble and reach for me as I passed on by. The mother and the other lady with her stopped thinking he’d seen someone he knew. I smiled back at the baby and spoke to him. The women looked at me and realized that I was a stranger, then looked at the child like “what is wrong with you” and walked on. The baby was such a pure, joyful little spirit. I didn’t really know what to make of it but remembering his smile still brings a smile to my face. Overall, it was weird seeing people like that. It was also strange that I generally felt a kindness and compassion for everyone, including those that appeared to be angry, hiding behind haughtiness, or other traits that I would usually either avoid or dislike. Seeing people like this lasted until I made it to the seclusion of my home. “


“Samara I believe your session triggered a kundalini experience. Directly after our session I had a tremendous pressure first in my heart and then moving to my head. When it moved to my head I had to place my hand on top of my head like I was holding it on. When I moved my hand away, the entire top of my head felt like it was burning and tingling. Fortunately this passed pretty quickly. The violet flame continues to come and go at its discretion. I can neither summon it, not make it disappear at will. When it chooses to grace my mind, I always feel more at peace but it does choose the oddest times. The kundalini awakening continues to be a powerful journey. Thank you for being part of it. Your ability to channel such high energy is undescribable, just like our sessions.”


“Samara, I want to thank you profoundly for the healings you have done on me. The experiences I have had with you are truly the most dynamic, transformative healings I have experienced. I have never before felt so completely that I am here on this planet -that I want to be here on this planet, and that I am seen for who I am. After the last Healing session with you, my body released so much negative, fearful, and punishing karma that I was ill for a couple of days. It was as though I had been cleansed so deeply that my body was coming into alignment with this spiritual release of energy. I did not know that one person could possess so much compassion, such an ability to remain centered within herself while helping others through the deep turmoil of their present and past-life karma. Your willingness and generosity in helping me heal has been one of the most important gifts of my life. I mean that sincerely. I feel my life changing in beautiful, blissful ways and I thank you.


“After seeing the white angel, the dove, the hieroglyphics, the flocks of birds and the small colored fairy-like streaks, the kaleidoscope patterns, the colors of different shape and consistency and of course, the lizard, I feel like a computer that just received a massive download of some sort.”


“I just want to thank you for everything you have done for my boyfriend. I’ve never seen him so excited, uplifed and positive before. After that last session you had with him, I could really see a change in him. We feel  very lucky that we have you nearby. I know there are  probably a lot of people out there that would LOVE to have you as close as we do, so I want to make sure you know that you are truly appreciated.


After my first healing session, something strange happened. I was reading and noticed that my eyes and head began to feel strange-strained, watery with a headache. The same thing happened later on that evening and suddenly I began to laugh. I have always read, literally with my head in my books. I pulled the book over a foot away from my face and then… Aha! I could read without straining! Unexpectedly, my near sightedness diminished drastically. Many, many blessings to you and your violet energy!


Mentoring Testimonials






“I found you by typing in life coach on the Internet in search of getting help with finding a new job. When I read your web site I knew you were the right person for me. During the past five weeks of working with you has answered so many questions regarding my life’s purpose, death, and God’s energy. We accomplished more in 90 minutes during my first session than my counselor could accomplish in three years. What a thrill to have you as my mentor, and gifted life coach. The Reike was something I had never been introduced to before now but when I opened my spirit and mind to the experience, it has changed my life. Thank you for being so patient, kind and understanding during my time of desperation.”


“I am impressed by your gift! If your aim is to help people…beautiful job well done! Looking forward to continuing our work together and developing my spiritual development. Thank you.”

-Robin, www.ascenta.net

Samara, you are an exceptionally gifted communicator, mentor and teacher. You are passionate about creativity and astute at showing others how to take their creative ideas and bring them to fruition.”


“Your visionary skills and creativity definitely far exceeded my expectation. Without your help and vision I would not have a finished product, “Making Your Living from the Stock Market.” Thank you for your coaching and enriching my life path.”

-Tom, www.livingoffthemarket.com

Workshop Testimonials

Reiki Training Class

Reiki Training Class







Thanks again for the Psychic Saturday workshop today. I really enjoyed myself and it was great to get out and meet new people with the same interests. I hope you continue to have them so I can attend each one! And wanted to talk to you about scheduling some healing sessions. I’ve been in really bad shape and need a complete work over. I’ve lost half my hair and been depressed and just feel like today was my first step into finally just obeying and opening back up and becoming who I’m supposed to be. I need to start fresh and be the best I can be. So hopefully we can discuss some healing times as well. Thank you for everything you do. You’re amazing. See you soon.


“Rare insight, empathy and healing. Samara’s Healing Hands workshop is a fascinating experience for anyone interested in health and wellbeing. Samara integrates Reiki and spirit communication with the new energies infusing earth at this time. This workshop takes you to new levels of consciousness, empowering you to accomplish goals you previously only imagined, and opens a doorway of healing yourself and healing others. Samara inspires us to use the power of the heart and the power of spiritual healing, and in doing so we awaken our own inherent healing abilities. Spiritual, educational, transformative and fun.”


“I love your ‘genuineness’ and how you are so comfortable in your own skin. That was the most beneficial part of the workshop-a type of mentoring and courage building for us healing novices.Yes, a LOT of emotion passed through me this weekend. And I thank you for that. It needed to release. I just wasn’t aware I still had so much heart chakra to clear. I came home and did Reiki..with my new Master tools…and the surges (the adrenaline feel stuff) were coming one shot after the other in the sacral, solar and heart chakras. Now my chest feels like a hammer has hit it and the ‘rawness’ (kind of a burn like a wound exposed to air) of my heart is there. Thank you for being the catalyst to my continued healing in a very gentle, safe and continual way.


Samara, I am truly grateful for the opporunity to have taken this Healing Hands class and for the gift of making your acquaintance. I found the workshop insightful and helpful to my personal journey to hear a bit abou you, your story, in addition to the official training.


I really, really enjoyed the “Healing Intensive” weekend. In addition to experiencing a surge of healing power and light it was just plain fun. I feel so happy and fortunate to have met all the group members. I know I am still assimilating all the new energy.


Hi Samara, I took the Reiki I & II workshop from you at the beginning of the year. I am the “animal’ girl if you remember. You have been on mind lately. I need to thank you again for my attunement and the reading you gave me. Practicing reiki has been incredible. Well that sounds dramatic but that’s how I feel. All of my psychic input is so much more organized. I don’t feel overwhelmed all the time anymore. And I just realized today I haven’t been sick one day since my attunement! That is amazing for me. I used to be sick with lung/bronchial infections 4-6 times a year! I have reunited with my partner, and the Reiki experiences we have had when I do treatments are just unreal. They have been very healing for both of us. and, just to put it on your radar, I feel ready to start working on animals for other people…


Your Psychic Saturday classes have been a great experience. It has allowed me to further trust my instincts and listen to my internal imagery….no matter how silly they are. Much in the past, I have written these images and feelings off as creative day dreams and comforts in escapism. While, at the same time I would often experienced synchronicity and knew it  felt ‘right’.Your approach is truly down to earth in yourself and others.  I feel very fortunate to work with you and the others in the class.